Newspeak House Fellowship

Newspeak House is an independent residential college founded in 2015 to study, nurture and inspire emerging communities of practice across UK public sector and civil society. This is broad ranging, covering people pioneering novel approaches across charities, government, local & national politics, journalism, education, activism, policy research, unions, community groups, etc, with the aim of cross fertilising innovations between these groups and creating unlikely collaborations.

A Newspeak House fellowship is a 6 month period of residency in Newspeak House exploring this mission. There's no project requirement; instead it involves an intense programme of networking and engaging with various communities both online and offline. It's designed for socially-minded mid-career technologists considering their next move, and wanting to develop an overview of the sector so they can take more of a strategic/systemic approach.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Edward Saperia the dean of Newspeak House.

Resident Fellows